In English

Wine Poker is a new and original card game that evolves around wine tasting.

To play you will need:
- 3 to 10 players
- The wine poker game (available > here)
- Bottles of French Wine (one or two per player)
- Poker chips (or other : matches...)
- A sock to hide the wine label (aluminium foil also does the trick)

The aim is simple : discover the region of a wine tasted.
To do so, you can obtain cards against chips.
On these cards, you gather two informations :
1) In the center of the card, you find an adjective qualifying the wine region such as South of France, Mediterranean climate...
2) Around the card, you have the 10 French wine regions : those in grey are to remove from possible answers.

The game is played as follows :

First every player pays two chips to obtain a first card.
Then, the Wine is served and players can taste and start guessing the origin of the wine tasted.
If you think you know where the wine comes from, you say it out loud and stop playing. If you do not, you pay to gain another card.
The third time round and so on, if some participants have still not yet found the answer, the card payed will be open.
The people who have already chosen their answer can not change it but can of course, still continue savoring...

When everyone has settled for an answer, the bottle is revealed and winners who have discovered the right region share the pot.
If some chips remain after sharing, they are put back into the pot for the next round...

Wine Poker is a fun and simple game that will lively up your  aperitifs and dinners.
You do not have to be a wine expert to play, but you do however need to be able to buy and consume alcohol in your country.